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GuardianX Series NEMA 4X
Air-Cooled Panel-Mounted Air Conditioners
 GuardianX Series Group
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The GuardianX Series indoor/outdoor Air Conditioners are designed specifically for NEMA 4X  enclosure applications that require protection from corrosive environments. All GuardianX models, with a NEMA 4X Rating, have a stainless steel shell and internal corrosion protection as standard features.

With Epoxy-coated coils and tubing, the closed-loop cooling system of the GuardianX Series offers added security by providing an operating environment safe from harsh ambient conditions.

The GuardianX Series consists of units with heights from 15 to 60 inches, offering 1,000 to 26,000 BTU/H ratings. In addition to the list of standard features, these GuardianX Series Air Conditioners are also available with a wide range of accessories and options, including compressor short cycle protector, temperature alarm and heater kit.

The features engineered into the GuardianX Series make them a tamper-resistant choice for external applications. With all models UL/CUL Listed, the GuardianX Series is an excellent choice for wastewater, telecommunications, food and beverage and other challenging applications.

KOOLTRONIC also designs and manufactures a variety of air conditioners to meet unique specifications. We invite your inquiries about our modification and custom-design capabilities.

Many popular units are available as 3D solid models for customer system integration. Contact Kooltronic for details.
CALL 1-800-321-KOOL (5665)
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Kooltronic Air Conditioners are in the process of transitioning from Beige to
ANSI61 Gray. Consult Kooltronic for further information concerning unit color.

Standard Features

guardian series dp15
1,000 BTU/H
15"H x 8"W x 7"D
guardian series dp21
3,000 BTU/H
21"H x 12"W x 10"D
guardian series dp24
3,000 BTU/H

24"H x 12"W x 10"D
guardian series dp33
5,000 BTU/H
33"H x 17"W x 11"D
guardian series dp43
7,000 BTU/H
43"H x 17"W x 10"D
guardian series dp47
9,000 BTU/H

47"H x 17"W x 10"D
guardian series dp50
14,000 BTU/H

50"H x 20"W x 12"D
guardian series dp53
18,000 BTU/H

53"H x 22"W x 13"D
guardian series dp60
26,000 BTU/H

60"H x 24"W x 13"D
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