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Horizontal Air-Cooled
Rack-Mounted Air Conditioners

Horizontal Rack-Mounted Air Conditioner
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KOOLTRONIC Air-Cooled Rack-Mounted Air Conditioners are particularly suited for applications where internal horizontal mounting is preferred over external panel, door or top mounting.
These models are available in two series. The RML Series, with a capacity of 5,000 BTU/H, offers a choice of up to five airflow patterns, allowing installation in any location within a data rack. Using supplied baffle plates the RML can easily be configured for a variety of applications. The H9 and H10 Series offer 3,500 BTU/H. The H9 and H10 are typically mounted internally at the bottom of the cabinet. For rack-mounting at the top of a cabinet use the Compact Plus Series of Horizontal Top-Mount Air Conditioners with optional Brackets for Rack Mounting.

KOOLTRONIC Rack-Mounted Air Conditioners all include EIA-notched flanges. Air-cooled models are provided with attractive 19-inch wide stainless steel grilles and knurled captive fasteners for easy removal. Grille area is 65% open. If preferred, side rails can be supplied.
Outdoor or corrosive environments require weather protection and/or special internal and external protective features.
For extreme ambient temperatures and/or severely contaminated environments, the use of Water-Cooled Air Conditioners or Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers is recommended.
KOOLTRONIC also designs and manufactures a variety of air conditioners to meet unique specifications. We invite your inquiries about our modification and custom-design capabilities.
Many popular units are available as 3D solid models for customer system integration. Contact Kooltronic for details.
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Standard Features (RML) Standard Features (H9 & H10)


* UL/CUL Recognized models available as Listed at added cost.


rack mount rml

5,000 BTU/H
10"H x 19"W x 22"D
rack mount h9

3,500 BTU/H
10"H x 19"W x 22"D
rack mount h10

3,500 BTU/H
10"H x 19"W x 22"D
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