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TrimLine Water-Cooled
Panel-Mounted Air Conditioners

Legacy products are no longer in normal production. Consult factory for availability.
We recommend current  WNP Series alternatives.
TrimLine Water-Cooled Air Conditioners


Cool circulating water has greater heat-removal capacity than warm ambient air.

KOOLTRONIC Water-Cooled Air Conditioners are recommended for applications with extreme ambient temperatures and/or severely contaminated environments, if a reliable supply of cool, clean water is available.

Since ambient air is sealed out of the air conditioner as well as the enclosure, no contaminants can enter and there are no filters to clean.

These units contain a regulating valve that automatically adjusts the condenser waterflow rate for water temperature and/or cooling load changes. When the air conditioner is shut off, the valve closes, cutting off the water supply to the unit.

Should the water supply become inadequate for any reason, the built-in Excess Pressure Control senses the increased compressor discharge pressure and turns off the unit. For added protection, the switch must be reset manually after the waterflow problem has been corrected.

Sized interchangeably with the TrimLine Air-Cooled Panel-Mounted Series, these units can be installed either fixed or hinged to any vertical enclosure panel or door. They retain the closed-loop design and gasketed mounting features, to seal out contaminants and protect the electronics.

KOOLTRONIC also designs and manufactures a variety of air conditioners to meet unique specifications. We invite your inquiries about our modification and custom-design capabilities.

Many popular units are available as 3D solid models for customer system integration. Contact Kooltronic for details.
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Standard Features

trimline water-cooled series wnp28
4,000 BTU/H
28"H x 10"W x 11"D
trimline water-cooled series wnp33
4,000 BTU/H
33"H x 12"W x 9"D
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