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Heat producing components currently widely used in electronic and industrial equipment enclosures present the problem of dissipating the heat generated before damage can occur to heat-sensitive parts. In many cases, the problem can be solved by ventilation, using simple air moving devices. However, in more and more applications the available ambient air is too warm or too contaminated to be used for the safe dissipation of the unwanted heat. Under those conditions, the life expectancy and performance of sensitive components may be adversely affected, often causing equipment malfunctions, slowdowns, or failures.

In order to create the optimum environment for the application, an evaluation must be made of the anticipated adverse operating conditions and of the thermal and other requirements of the equipment or system.

  Among the questions to be considered are:  
In clean, non-hazardous environments with acceptable ambient temperatures, a simple forced-air cooling system utilizing ambient air is usually adequate. Combined with a low-cost air filter, such devices generally meet the heat removal needs of typical electronic and electrical equipment.
Closed-Loop Cooling
   Does the entire equipment/system require cooling, or is spot cooling adequate?  
   Are there any components that are particularly sensitive to heat or other adverse conditions?  
   How much heat is produced within the enclosure?  
   What is the maximum temperature allowable in the enclosure?  
   What are the typical and maximum temperature ranges of the ambient air?  
   Is control of a specific temperature range required?  
   Are there expectations of low ambient temperatures requiring supplemental heat?  
   What is the articulate and moisture content of the ambient air?  
   Does the ambient air contain dirt, oil, corrosives or other contaminants that are injurious to any enclosure  
   Must the enclosure contents be isolated from the heat or contaminants in the ambient air by the use of a  
      sealed enclosure?      
   Are special filters required for any reason?  
   Is an adequate supply of cool water available?  
After these and any other application-specific factors are determined, a decision can be made about the type of ventilation or cooling required, and which specific equipment provides the most appropriate performance and cost-effective solution.
A little time and effort spent early in the design process in choosing the optimum cooling equipment can save a great deal of trouble and expense later, by preventing the need to retrofit with proper cooling devices in the field.
The Kooltronic Design Guide is intended as a design aid to be used as a problem-prevention and problem-solving tool, with a broad array of equipment and specifications so that the best-suited items can be selected as the solutions for virtually every type of enclosure ventilation or cooling requirement.
Kooltronic has a broad product line, ranging from basic Thin Fans to sophisticated Air-cooled and Water-cooled Air Conditioners. The complete product line is fully described and illustrated on our website and in our Catalog. Arranged by product groups, each section presents technical data, dimensions, discharge options and drawings for each series. Performance graphs are featured in each product section. In addition, the Design section provides information that will be useful in determining the criteria for the proper selection, placement and design of the best system for your particular application.
    The KOOLTRONIC philosophy is to specify the smallest, least complex cooling device that will satisfy the requirements of the application.  
Every Kooltronic product is the result of over 50 years experience in the application of highly reliable rotating components to the science of aerodynamics and thermal transfer, enabling us to provide the most complete
cooling design, performance, measurement and precision manufacturing services available in the industry.
FANS: Fans occupy minimal cabinet space and will move a substantial volume of air where flow is virtually unimpeded. Packaged fans can be used for filtered panel or rack-mounted cooling in such applications.
BLOWERS: Blowers are designed to operate against higher static pressures. Packaged blowers provide compact, filtered, rack-mounted cooling in a variety of airflow configurations.
HEAT EXCHANGERS AND AIR CONDITIONERS: In applications where equipment operating temperatures must remain near or below ambient, or where airborne contaminants pose a threat to electronic components, the enclosure interior must be isolated from the external environment. For such applications, a sealed enclosure, with a Heat Exchanger or an Air Conditioner is required. Heat Exchangers are recommended for equipment which can tolerate operating temperatures moderately higher than ambient, while Air Conditioners are required where equipment temperatures must be maintained at or below ambient. 
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