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Enclosure Accessories:



Maintaining a proper enclosure climate is essential for the safe operation of electronic components. The heating and cooling devices used in enclosure climate control must themselves be monitored and regulated to assure the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions necessary for trouble-free operation. Kooltronic Enclosure Accessory Controls can help achieve the ideal operating conditions even in the harshest environments.

Thermostats: Kooltronic offers an assortment of thermostats (Mechanical, Small and Dual Function) designed to control the air temperature inside of enclosures and control panels.

Hygrostats: Hygrostats are designed to control the relative air humidity inside of enclosures.

Hygrotherms: The Electronic Hygrotherm senses the ambient temperature and relative air humidity. Depending on which contact combination is chosen, it then turns on or off a connected device if either the temperature is below or the humidity above a set point.

Electronic Relays (24 VDC & 48 VDC): Electronic Relays are designed to switch high powered DC operated equipment up to 16 Amps. The 16 Amp relay contact will be closed once a pilot contact of a connected switch, i.e. a thermostat (not provided), is closed.

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