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There are currently over 10,000 Kooltronic Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers in service maintaining a 10 degree temperature differential on pumping system control panels in golf course and turf irrigation applications throughout the world. Controlling the cabinet temperature of the control panel, thus ensuring its stability and consistency, is critical to maintaining a reliable pumping station and ultimately healthy turf.

A Water-to-Air Heat Exchanger is used when the ambient air cannot be utilized directly as a cooling medium. Cool water is circulated through a finned-tube coil, which is installed in a compartment isolated from the enclosure to protect the contents from possible leakage. The water source used must be reasonably clean and cold enough to ensure proper operation of the cooling system under the most severe anticipated conditions. As the heat laden air circulates through the coil, the heat is absorbed by the water and is carried away, in a continuous process.



kphe30 heat exchanger

Kooltronic KPHE30 Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers are used in golf and irrigation applications to maintain consistent temperatures in control cabinets.

Kooltronic Water-to-Air systems are easy to install and require minimum maintenance - ideal for golf course applications, due to their often isolated location. All Kooltronic Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers are UL/CUL listed and are tested and approved for NEMA 12 enclosures.

With over 60 years experience, Kooltronic is the industry leader in electronics enclosure cooling. Call your Kooltronic Regional Sales Manager today to discuss this application in depth.

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