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Kooltronic Can Help You Stand Out(Side)

Offering the convenience and speed of self-service, interactive outdoor kiosks are gaining popularity with consumers. Applications range from movie theater ticketing to self-ordering food systems to DVD rentals.

Outdoor kiosks are specifically designed for the harsh environments they will face being exposed to both weather and solar loading. Kiosks contain sensitive electronics including CPUs, printers and LCD touch-screens that all require protection from the elements.

A sealed enclosure can help protect against some hazards, but the solution for high temperatures and humidity is often the use of climate control equipment mounted inside the kiosk. Subsequently, Kooltronic's Micro-Mini and DP15 Air Conditioners have become a popular choice for several kiosk manufacturers.



blockbuster dvd kiosk


Standard features include a Programmable Thermostat, CFC-free refrigerant and a durable steel enclosure with baked powder finish. Options include a compressor heater to maintain appropriate temperatures during cold conditions, temperature alarm and a low-ambient kit to maintain sufficient operating pressures when ambient temperatures drop below 50ºF.

Kooltronic also offers custom cooling solutions for kiosks. The photo above shows one of our custom-designed Air Conditioners currently used on a movie rental kiosk. These 4,000 BTU/H Air Conditioners cooling the electronics in movie rental kiosks throughout the country are an example of how Kooltronic can help with your kiosk cooling needs.

With over 60 years experience, Kooltronic is the industry leader in electronics enclosure cooling. Call your Kooltronic Regional Sales Manager today to discuss this application in depth.

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