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Solar Panel Aerial Photo
Kooltronic, Inc., headquarters displaying over 2,600 rooftop solar panels soon after installation in 2006.
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Kooltronic, Inc.
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KOOLTRONIC, INC., of Pennington, NJ, the long established, leading manufacturer of air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans, blowers and custom cooling solutions for electronic enclosures and heat-producing equipment, continues to make its New Jersey operation an example of environmentally-friendly industrial practices. In addition to a rooftop solar power installation, use of ozone-friendly refrigerants and a stringent recycling program, Kooltronic has converted its parking lot into a solar power generator, a real environmental "Green Lantern."
Parking lot solar panels
With the addition of 1,300 solar panels over the parking lot, Kooltronic receives 90% of its electricity from the sun.
This recently upgraded system, a canopy of approximately 1,300 solar panels over the parking lot, accounts for 30% of the energy requirements needed by the facility. As Kooltronic President Barry Freedman explains, " In conjunction with the rooftop installation of 2,600 solar panels which produce approximately 60% of our energy requirements on any given day, Kooltronic's facility will now receive 90% of its electricity through solar power energy." Solar power needs no fuel and produces no waste or pollution. This independence from non-renewable energy sources is an example of Kooltronic's dedication to 'green' technology, and evidence that it is an environmentally-friendly organization with an eye toward the future.
With over 60 years of service to its customers, Kooltronic is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans, blowers and custom cooling solutions designed specifically to cool the interior of enclosures containing heat sensitive electrical/electronic components, as well as various heat-producing applications. The company has a complete engineering and manufacturing facility and sales office at its headquarters in Pennington, NJ. 
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