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motor test

Heat exchanger undergoing a motor test.

Environmental Testing Services

The Kooltronic Research and Development facility in Pennington, NJ has provided specialized testing services to the electronic cooling industry for over a decade. We have the resources and the experience to help you find the best solution to your cooling problems. Our facilities are capable of full performance testing of fans, blowers, air conditioners and heat exchangers, and we specialize in environmental testing of your electronic enclosures in order to ensure successful system integration.

At Kooltronic all of our prototype units undergo rigorous testing before they can be added to our line of quality products. Our goal is accuracy and excellence. Contact our Engineering staff at the design stage of your project, or call us with your project details, and let the professionals work for you.

test chambers

Kooltronic Tests:

  • Condenser and evaporator airflow
  • System refrigerant pressures
  • RPM of air movers
  • Motor winding temperatures
  • Rain test
  • Water hose down tests
  • Abnormal operation tests
  • Corrosive tests
  • Power consumption
  • Vibration
  • Sound
  • Thermal Mapping
  • Complete range of UL testing



These facilities and instruments, available for testing, data acquisition and analysis, are at your service:

  • Two Hot Rooms - dry bulb/wet bulb and dry bulb temperature control, both with 36,000 BTU/H internal load
  • Psychometric rooms - Inside/Outside for running ARI conditions and Underwriters labotatories 1995 tests
  • Four airflow tunnels with capability up to 4500 SCFM
  • UL50 Hosedown and rain test system
  • Computer data acquisition
  • Vibration, sound and electrical testing

testing panel

All tests are conducted under controlled voltage, temperature or humidity conditions as required.

At Kooltronic, Underwriters Laboratories testing is conducted for all products covered under UL484, UL1995 and UL50. These tests are performed within the Client Test Data Program administered by Underwriters Laboratories:
ul certificate

UL Standards:

  • UL 484 - Room Air Conditioners - This standard covers equipment intended for installation in a window, through a wall or in an electronics enclosure.
  • UL1995 - Heating and Cooling Equipment - This is a more generic standard for equipment not covered by specific standards such as UL484. This standard covers a wide variety of heating and cooling equipment, from factory made packages to components of a field assembled system.
  • UL50 - Enclosures for Electrical Equipment - This standard covers the construction requirements for electrical enclosures, for mechanical strength and protection as well as protection from the elements in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
The Underwriters Laboratories Client Test Data Program - This program allows us to test and submit the data collected to UL for product approval. To qualify for this program our testing facilities and procedures are audited annually via a field inspection by an authorized UL representative.  

data collection


panel close-up


Qualified personnel at Kooltronic use the most modern testing
equipment available to ensure complete, accurate and
thorough results.
Consult with Kooltronic during the initial phase of
your equipment or system design.
Let the Professionals do the job
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