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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Today there are millions of vehicles registered in the United States. Comuters spend, on average, 25 minutes getting to work each day. That number would certainly be higher without the technology infrastructure controlling vehicle signals, pedestrian signals, traffic controllers and programmable changeable message signs that are now a part of the country's landscape.

A vital part of these systems are the cabinets which contain the electronic controls for these devices. Control cabinets contain a variety of sensitive electronics, including relays, microcomputers, switches and power supplies. As in other applications, these electronics require cooling for reliable operation. In some situations fans and blowers are sufficient, but in others active cooling is required to keep these components running smoothly. Several manufacturers of traffic control equipment have been using Kooltronic's Guardian and GuardianX Series Air Conditioners to maintain the optimal temperature within their cabinets.

traffic control


Kooltronic's Guardian and GuardianX Series Indoor/Outdoor Air Conditioners are designed specifically for NEMA 4 and 4X enclosure applications that require protection from washdown or exposure to outdoor conditions. All Guardian models have a NEMA 4 Rating. The GuardianX, with a NEMA 4X Rating, is offered with a Stainless Steel Shell and Internal Corrosion Protection. Features engineered into the Guardian and GuardianX  Series Air Conditioners make them the tamper-resistant choice for external applications. With all models UL/CUL Listed, the Guardian Series is an excellent choice for traffic signal, toll booth and other challenging applications.

With over 60 years experience, Kooltronic is the industry leader in electronics enclosure cooling. Call your Kooltronic Regional Sales Manager today to discuss this application in depth.
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